At the cinéma les 3 Luxembourg - 67 rue monsieur le prince 75006 paris
Screening date:28-11-2015 -- 18:30
Sea Sonata

Portraits of Europe wander in the imagination of four refugees who meet on a boat off the coast of Lebanon: a Palestinian, an Iraqi, a Syrian and a Sri Lankan.

Country: Lebanon
Year: 2010
Production: Flicks, Mad4Films, Rakan Mayasi, Lara Abou Saifan
Contact: Rakan Mayasi
Director: Rakan Mayasi
Editing: Patricia Heneine
Cinematography: Koussay Hamzeh
Sound: Rana Eid
Music: Ziad Al Ahmadie & Zeid Hamdan
Cast: Ali Rayshouni, Lateef Daoud, Bilal Kadoura
Fiction 29'

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Rakan Mayasi is a young Palestinian-Jordanian filmmaker born in a small German village who is currently based in Lebanon. He has a Communication Arts diploma from the Lebanese American University and attended the Asian Film Academy in Korea gaining a specialized diploma in film directing. Roubama (2012), his second film was selected to compete in the International Short Film competition at Locarno Film Festival. 


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