Screening date:12/12/2009 -- 15h30
33 Days (33 jours)

Filmed during the violent Israeli offensive against Lebanon in the summer of 2006, "33 Days" tells the real life story of four people. A theater director who works with children who have taken refuge in a theater, a journalist who struggles to cover the war from a television station under fire, an aid worker who coordinates the distribution of goods to thousands of displaced people, and a news desk director who is trying to cope with the war as well as take care of her newborn. This film puts a face on the often anonymous horrors of war.

Country: Lebanon
ProductionAl Jazeera Documentary Channel - P.O. Box : 23123 Doha - Qatar
Year: 2007
Director: Mai Masri
Editing: Elias Chahine, Michelle Tyan
Cinematography: Hussein Nassar, Maï Masri
Music: Jan Garbarek
Sound: Samir Shabati
Beta SP  –  color  –  70 min

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Born in 1959 in Amman, Mai Masri spent her childhood between Jordan and Palestine. At the beginning of the eighties, she moved to Lebanon. She received a bachelor degree from San Francisco State University. She has directed and produced several award-winning films that were broadcasting on more than 100 television stations around the world. With Lebanese filmmaker Jean Chamoun, her husband, she formed Nour Productions in 1994.

2007 - 33 Days
2006 - Beirut Diaries
2002 - Rêves d'exil
2001 - Frontiers of Dreams and Fears
1998 - Children of Shatila
1995 - Hanan Ashrawi, une femme de son temps
1992 - Rêves suspendus
1990 - Children of Fire
1988 - Beyrouth, génération de la guerre
1986 - Fleur d'ajonc
1986 - Wild Flowers: Women of South Lebanon
1983 - Sous les décombres

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